Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Young Adults are Unemployed

A recent article on a Seattle area news channel highlights the ugly realties for young adults in this "Great Recession." The unemployment problem for young adults has hit the state of Washington so hard, that in fact more than 22% of the people in the state ages 18-24 are unemployed. Many people are struggling to find any job that they can get, but it is not limited to young adults. 18 years or 80 years old, it seems as if no one can find a job these days!

- The Poor Paralegal


  1. How ironic that these are the same people that voted for President Obama!

  2. What Anon0840 said! You should ask 'em how that 'hope & change' is workin' out for 'em, hehehe...

  3. Both comments above are retarded and ridiculous and have no basis in reality....ask yourselves, idiots, what would George Bush do? Yeah, I know....keep watching Glenn Beck and Fox sh*tz for brains lemmings.....