Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lawyer Turns Topless Dancer to Pay bills

I stumbled across a great new article about unemployed lawyers getting desperate to pay the bills. Some are even turning to extreme measures to help make ends meet. Some are even turning into strippers, exotic dancers and topless dancers.  In fact, you should all read this article I just found on MSNBC:

Lawyer turns topless dancer to make ends meet

When I read this article I was sitting at my cubicle during lunch break, and a VP of research came by my desk to ask me to run a report. He saw me reading the news on my computer, and saw me reading the article about the lawyer turned stripper. He made some awful joke about how this girl must wear a lawyer outfit with a miniskirt when she strips at the club. He is this 300 lbs obese prick, and doesn't seem to understand the frustrations that many unemployed legal professionals face.

I read this article and it really made me sad. I can't imagine how horrible it must be to have so much student debt, bills to pay and resort to working as an exotic dancer to make ends meet. In the article it goes on to say that she will get another law job as soon as she can and leave working as a topless dancer.

I have had my share of crazy bad jobs to make ends meet:

I have worked as a bouncer at a lesbian bar ( the money was great 200-300 bucks for 2 nights of work)

I have worked as a laborer in construction

I have worked as telemarketer for fast food companies in college

I have also worked in South Central LA and survived a drive by shooting ( Thank God they missed and the sheriffs came right away)

I hope that God protects this girl and all the other legal professionals resorting to stripping, porn or any other type of job that puts them in danger. Also, be careful if you are a stripper, the work itself can be dangerous! If you don't believe me, watch the video below on Youtube!

- The Poor Paralegal