Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Law School Applications Decline 12.5%

It looks like the word is getting out from all of us in the scam blog universe that legal education is not a good choice for many college students seeking a rewarding profession. Many Economists forecast that the US economy will create 2.2-2.4 million new jobs this year, more than the 1.1 million created in 2010. This is a great improvement compared to 4.8 million job losses in 2009 and 3.6 million job losses in 2008. Some say that with the economy rebounding and more hiring anticipated in the new few quarters, that college students will get jobs instead of seeking shelter in law school to ride out the recession.

In fact, the number of people taking the LSAT exam have fallen drastically. The number of students taking the LSAT in December 2010 fell 16.5%!

I think the real reason why people are staying away from law school is because there is so much information available on the web from law school bloggers, news articles in The New York Times, and basically the ugly realities of the legal profession are now out there for everyone to see!

To all you college seniors out there:  Don't be fooled by the glossy brochures,  bogus employment statistics and false promises that law schools and paralegal schools give you, its nothing but lies!

Take a long time to figure out your career goals!

-The Poor Paralegal

Monday, January 24, 2011

Question for Law school Graduates & Legal Professionals...

The recent article in the ABA Journal will likely give you a sardonic laugh..

Do these people think that we are lying? Of course, the scambloggers are RIGHT ABOUT LAW SCHOOL! Do you think they are just "making up stories" about having $200,000 in loans, 10 dollar an hour jobs and struggling to live with their parents in their 30's? Do you think that they are just bashing law schools, LSAT prep course companies and for profit colleges that offer Paralegal training because they have nothing else better to do with their time?

Law school, Paralegal school, Legal Studies, etc, it's all fucking bullshit!

There are no jobs in this shitty profession, and so I only have one question for all you law school students, recent graduates and frustrated attorneys/paralegals:

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently? What else would you have chosen as a major in college? Instead of joining the legal profession, what other careers and fields would you have chosen?

Please post your responses on the "comments" section! (The only sane response I've found online is the video of the intelligent man in the video above.) So all of you law students, attorneys and paralegals, please post your comments below. Please, even leave a comment  anonymously! I would love to hear from everyone!

-The Poor Paralegal

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Who is Mailaccount63?

I don't have a Myspace or a Facebook. I've always made sure I set boundaries in the workplace, because I didn't want to mix personal and professional.

I enjoy websites such as Yahoo Answers, Craigslist, and I consider these three websites to be "productive" social networking, because they are useful. On these great sites you can find answers, get advice, find things on Craigslist, and socialize on

My favorite has always been Yahoo Answers. There are many questions and answers on the legal and careers section of Yahoo Answers, and one of the writers has some great insight. There is one attorney in particular on Yahoo Answers whose screen name is MAILACCOUNT63

I don't know if Mailaccount63 is a male or female, but this writer has some interesting discernment on the legal profession. I was going through Yahoo Answers and I found this great answer from a student interested in becoming a Paralegal:;_ylt=AunzJUuEOwdkKPygrsyzq5Hty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101019074840AAX0m4s

Mailaccount63 goes on to say,

"..Even if you do finish law school, you won't be able to find a job when you are done. Since this vocational field is shrinking (at an alarming rate), many new attorneys/lawyers are, themselves, having to work "down" as Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc, to simply try to keep some of their bills paid <<this would be your competition. And the competition is fierce in TODAY's job market!!

Now... the law schools know this, but they won't tell you the truth >that the job market/economy is just SATURATED with way too many Legal Professionals. Instead the schools will feed you a fairytale and will LIE to you. The root of the problem is we already have too many law schools. We are STILL in a Recession, and the schools are fighting for their own survival - they will tell students anything to get to the students' money. (Which is why they won't tell you the truth about the job market for the field of Law.) And these schools continue to recruit and churn out even more graduates.............Remember>>> law schools are BUSINESSES - their TOP concern is making money for themselves.

>>>>>THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT THING (and I can't stress this enough>>>): You ESPECIALLY have to beware of the BOGUS, INFLATED law school salary/job stats given out by >law schools< (AND by the U.S. Bureau of Labor)!!***<<<<<.."

Mailaccount63  is not giving legal advice, nor is he/she forming an Attorney -Client relationship. Mailaccount63 is just giving his/her own opinion and answers based upon personal experience, or as it says:

been there - done that
have actually worked in the field of Law for twelve years
started at the very bottom rung and clawed my way up
now actually am a CURRENT employee of a law school, so I KNOW and see (too much?!?)
don't have time to watch those TV law shows - the couple that I did watch weren't realistic, at all
TV glamorizes the field of Law - Reminder: TV is FICTION!!! - do your research first! - the field of Law is actually a lot of paperwork and politics - and law school is VERY expensive, so know what you are getting into
wish someone would have warned ME sooner
so now I TRY to warn and help others (that actually want to know, will listen and not get defensive)
I am simply tired of watching students getting ripped off by law schools
so many students have come to me- upset because they could not find employment- I am just trying to warn as many as I can, and trying to fulfill a promise
I am answering you in good faith."

Mailaccount63 has given some of the best insight for anyone who doesn't believe the harsh reality of these blogs exposing the ugly truth about the legal profession. Anyone contemplating law school or legal education should really read the Q&A homepage of Mailaccount63 on Yahoo Answers. The national debt, globalization and the US Debt also play a big role in the future of the legal profession, just watch the video above!

I don't know who you are Mailaccount63, but if you have a blog, please send us a link!

-The Poor Paralegal

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't Take Out Student Loans

There has been major circulation of The New York Times article by David Segal! This riveting story covers the law school scam and I have received many e mails from prospective paralegal students, parents, and unemployed professionals.

I have many parents asking me if there children should study paralegal studies or get a degree in the field. One girl even told me she is one signature away from taking out $45,000 in student loan debt to go to a for profit school to become a Paralegal.


You will not be able to buy a house, get married, have children and live a life that you have always wanted to live as a working professional. If you are hell bent on going on for more education, go to a local cheap state institution for any sort of training, whether it be vocational or grad school.

All of these scam bloggers such as Third Tier Reality, But I Did Everything Right, Subprime JD, Shilling Me Softly,, First Tier toilet and the Jobless Juris Doctor do not lie!

Just like David Segal reported in his story, the odds of getting a law job paying $160,000 a year is like winning the lottery, the same thing goes for trying to find a paralegal job that pays $60,000 a year.

Going into debt is just not worth it!

-The Poor Paralegal