Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is US NEWS & WORLD REPORT finally starting to realize that law schools mislead students?

Every year thousands of young wannabe lawyers take the LSAT and apply to the nearly 200 or more ABA approved law schools in hopes of becoming an attorney. Many of these young souls justify their six figure debt load and career aspirations based on the US News & World Report "Best Graduate Schools Rankings."

However, recently, even this magazine is beginning to realize that maybe the employment information that the law schools provide are not 100% accurate. They even published a new article U.S. News Urges Law School Deans to Improve Employment Data written by Bob Morse. This piece highlights the needs for more employment placement transparency by law schools. The article goes on to say that, 

    "In an effort to make our law school employment data more reflective of the current state of legal employment, U.S. News has modified how we calculate the employment rates that are used in the new law school rankings."

It seems as if US News is doing the right thing by making sure they publish accurate information so their readers are not misled by false promises in the legal profession!

-The Poor Paralegal

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  1. Law schools should be more realistic when it comes to their students’ employment.