Sunday, March 13, 2011

A New Direction with my Blog

I have been deeply depressed about the tsunami that has devastated Japan. When I saw that giant tsunami engulf all those cities on the Japanese coastline, it really broke my heart. So many people have died, many are missing and the rest are without basic necessities.

I recently got an e mail from a girl who asked me about good websites where she can to find discounts, free things and such. Earlier in my blog, I posted about how I am on 347 money saving websites for coupons, freebies and discounts. She had read my posts and asked me if I could give her some tips to save money. Her family is originally from Japan and she has so much student loan debt that is eating away at her monthly paycheck. She can't even afford to save up enough money to go back and see her family in Tokyo. She wanted to figure out ways to get discounts and free things, so she can spend less on everyday expenses to afford to visit her family back home. I e mailed her dozens of coupons and free things I get in my e mail every day.

I did some soul searching and I have come to realize that I am very blessed. God has given me the gift of being extremely passionate about personal finance. I love finding good deals, freebies and cheap things to help make life a little easier.

I read so many posts on these blogs about students who are drowning in debt, have massive student loans and who don't know what to do.

I have decided to move into a new direction with my blog. I will keep writing and focus on several issues.

1.  A paralegals perspective on the legal profession and current events in the law.

2.  Money savings tips, websites and useful information to help those with massive student debt.

3.  Useful new information, websites and things I find in my every day life to help broke professionals.

Stay updated on my blog, I will be writing useful new entries very soon!

-The Poor Paralegal


  1. I have $173,958 in student loans and need all the help I can possibly get. Please write your updates and financial tips soon :)

  2. Looking forward to following your money-saving tips. Although I have a paralegal job, I also have teenage wallet vampires.

  3. There was an article in the NY Times last week about a guy who had seven older daughters still living with him.

    He saved a lot of money on his heating bill because the house was heated by hot flashes.

    Bust seriously, I love your blog. You have had some very insightful and enlightening posts.

    And your new ideas sound really interesting.

    Whenever I am at the Supermarket, I am really surprised at how much some things costs.

    It's almost like there is a 4 or 5 dollar minimum--for everything. For instance-a box of cereal is 5 bucks. A tube of toothpaste-4 bucks.
    Loaf of bread, gallon milk and on and on.

    Without even using coupons, I am starting to buy the generic brands on some things and saving money and really don't see much difference in quality.

    A perfect example is Smuckers strawberry preserves. I saved almost 2 bucks just buy buying the Stop and Shop brand preserves, and it is fine.

    Also frozen Pizza has almost half an aisle devoted to it in the frozen foods section. The store brand is 5 bucks (less if on sale) And a Digourno Brand Pizza is almost 8 bucks.

    And Doritos are cost probibitive at 4 dollars a bag and change, so I buy Utz potato chips, or just don't buy chips at all. They are too salty and not good for a person anyway.

    Also aluminum foil. Reynolds wrap is much more than the store brand, and the store brand works just fine!

    Not to sound like a cheapskate or anything, but I just don't have too much money to spend, and if I buy all my weekly groceries this way (without any coupons involved at all) I save at least 20 dollars. And 20 dollars buys more gas for the van.

    The question in my mind is always whether the generic brand is as good as the name brand. I have found that most times it is.

    And I won't get into buying in bulk at stores like BJ's, Costco etc. I don't have kids, but I might start shopping there too.

    And going to Wallmart is a whole other issue too, because one does save money, but we all know the political arguments re Wallmart vs supporting the local economy and stores.

    But thanks again for the great blog, and I'm interested in what you will be posting.

    And BTW, I do have a friend with a wood burning stove that pays less than 1K a year to heat his house. He lives outside the DC area.

  4. JDPainter,

    The S&S brand foods are normally excellent; they have some of the best house brand foods of any supermarket. I can't vouch for the house brands in other stores such as Shop Rite, because they're not near me. S&S is on my way home, so I normally shop there...


  5. Cheap eats...

    Make hot cereal in the morning. Pennies a bowl. Don't tell me you don't have 5 minutes to cook something, especially if you're a frequent blog reader ;). Or scramble your own eggs. Avoid boxed cereal or prepared breakfast foods like the plague.

    Make at least one pot of soup a week. This can easily be done for 5-10$. My wife and I will get two generous meals from this...while only cooking once.

    In general, stay away from packaged foods and you'll eat better and cheaper.

    For purposes of full disclosure, I'll admit I was sad this morning when I saw the vending machine was out of Sun Chips.

  6. Finally someone who gets it. Of all the scamblogs no one has mentioned the Japan disaster. Thousands of people there are dead, and thousands more have lost everything, yet these people keep whining about the legal industry.

    At least you took note that things aren't always as bad as we make them.