Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great new Article from CNN MONEY!

I recently found a great new article on CNN MONEY: Law School Graduates Sue their Alma Mater

This is a great new article discussing how many students are now suing their schools for fradulent misrepresentation of material facts. It will be interesting to see how all of this is covered more intensely by other media outlets.

On a lighter note, Ramadan has officially ended and I wanted to wish everyone a very HAPPY EID MUBARAK!

 I think my present this year is the peace of mind knowing that more students will read articles like the one above and think twice before going to law school and taking out massive debt. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and I found a great new song on Youtube! To celebrate...enjoy!  Happy Eid and Bayram everyone!

- The Poor Paralegal


  1. Salaam Alaykum,

    I appreciate your blog. I am now in my last year of undergrad, doing LSAT prep, and I am now seriously considering not going to law school. I'm Egyptian, and you know how the Arab/Pakistani/Indian culture is - status is a BIG part of the reason why most people even bother pursuing a degree.

    I feel as if the only thing that is making me want to still pursue a law degree, is the status; status is required in order to get married, be respected, etc. It's stupid, but most people don't understand the situation, especially the older generation. They don't undertand that the educational system is garbage, overrated, saturated and really doesn't give someone an advantage anymore.


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