Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tough Job Market Drives Young People to Suicide

Tough Job Market causes young Koreans to commit suicide

In South Korea, the suicide rate among young people in their 20's has skyrocketed! It is now the highest it has ever been in recent history, and many of these people are young law school graduates. The law school saturation is not just limited to US graduates having problems, but also in other countries. There are too many attorneys and not enough jobs to absorb all the recent graduates.

Suicide is now the # 1 cause of death for young people in South Korea.

As the article goes on to say, "At least 10 of the suicide cases that have been reported so far this year are believed to be linked to a failure to find jobs. A study by an Internet job search portal conducted in April showed that six out of 10 respondents felt tempted to take their own lives due to the increased difficult and related stress of finding work in Korea's overheated job market, which is causing employers to pare down their new hires."

This article talks about how there are too many law school graduates in South Korea and not enough Jobs for most of them. So many people are unemployed and contemplating suicide, this is horrible! This problem is not limited to just US law school graduates. However, what shocks me is that the ABA is allowing new law schools to open up across the USA!

-The Poor Paralegal


  1. I lived in South Korea from '95-'98 and becoming a lawyer was literally, the path to riches. Their system was different, however. To become a lawyer, you would spend years studying for a law school exam that only a few hundred passed every year. Then, those who did pass could attend law school and become lawyers after graduation. This system regulated the number of lawyers entering the job market every year essentially, guaranteeing everyone a good job. Apparently, that has all changed. I can see why suicides would rise as there are even higher expectations for a lawyer's prospects in Korea and more shame when one doesn't find success.

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