Monday, October 4, 2010

Why did I decide to get my ABA certified Paralegal Certificate?

I graduated college in 2003 with my Bachelors degree in Economics and decided to join corporate America. I worked in various areas, including IT, sales and manufacturing. I was a victim of this horrible economic downturn and I worked for a big manufacturing firm in downtown Los Angeles.

My company went under and went out of business a year ago and I was laid off. The CEO was an attorney and he told me I should consider pursuing a legal career, so I decided to enroll in a Paralegal Program.

My blog will help all paralegal students and future paralegal students get an inside of the legal profession from an honest stand point. I will share my insight, experiences and follies in my quest to find employment. I will clarify the following...

1.) The realities of trying to get a job  in the paralegal profession
2.) Experiences from interviews, job postings and meeting legal recruiters
3.) Trying to find a non paralegal job with a paralegal certificate
4.) Most Paralegals DON'T earn $60,000 a year + like the employment statistics say they do..

This is my quest to hopefully  find employment, but until then..I am a Paralegal without a Paycheck!

These are the confessions of The Poor Paralegal..

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