Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Think twice before going to a "For Profit College"


In a recent article by the Los Angeles Times, Liz Pulliam Weston answers financial questions for those who have debt from for profit college. You should be very careful when enrolling in these types of schools.

Some of these schools charge an enormous amount of money for tuition, promise students great jobs, but then fail to deliver and students are left with a mountain of debt.

Many local community colleges offer Paralegal programs for only $3,000-$6,000 dollars.

Be very careful and think twice before taking out $25,000 or more in loans from some no named private university when there are cheaper alternatives!

Just watch this movie...

Default: The Student Loan Documentary

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  1. Read FTC v. Cinderella Finishing School F2d. It's a real case. As long as these schools provide training that can lead to a license, cert, or ability to do the job; they are safe. There is a disjoint between training and their students finding jobs. In Cinderella, the FTC tried to shut down this diploma mill. The school was able to show they did train their students to be PAs. The school found a dozen students that were employed and happy. The other students were probably screwed. But hey, the school prevailed.


    Did your TTT or para program provide you the education and training to take the Bar or cert course?

    Can the school find a few lucky graduates?

    please understand, I do not condone this disjoint of providing training for jobs that don't exist. Students need to be extremely diligent in choosing there school and occupations.