Friday, May 13, 2011

Law School Applications Plummet in 2011

It looks like the word is getting out that a JD is not a ticket to print money like many people think it is. I found this great video and article online by Fox News in Minnapolis, MN.

I highly recommend you watch it!

Law School Applications Plummet

- The Poor Paralegal


  1. I guess that less applicants is a step in the right direction, but REAL progress would be producing less JDs annually. Or god forbid, closing a few law schools.

  2. No, real progress is when the college counselors sit the seniors in Liberal Arts down and warn them about law school and grad school.

    "See those student loan debts - they`ll TRIPLE at Drake Law!"

    Once they weed out the "terrified about living on the outside" I think a lot of the possible future law students will vanish, which will drop the number of doomed LS grads, which in turn will force some law schools to close. Best case scenario would be that some schools right at this very second realize that the jig is up and shut down, but that never happens. Things have to be going very poorly for a school to close.

  3. Yes, the key is that they still are filling their class sizes. The fact that the total people who apply for the slots has gone down is a notable victory, but not a big victory.

    I talked to the Register of my LS a few days ago. The application numbers were down. Although, they are still filling all 350 1L slots.

    The numbers support the following argument. To make the legal job market correct to a viable 700:1 demand three things must happen:
    1)Lawyer attrition remains constant
    2)There are no further new LSchools accredited
    3)The LSchools must cut their class sizes in half for 10 years.

    there wasn't a new dental school created in the US for 75 years and no new medical school for 15. Yet, from 1970 to 2000 we created over 100 LSchools why???

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