Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Paralegals are Stealing Christmas!

A Paralegal in Tampa Bay, Florida was arrested for stealing a client's credit card and information from the confidential account and going on a shopping spree. The paralegal wanted to buy presents for her kids for Christmas and thought it would be okay to charge the money and probably thought she could get away with it and do other things to cover up her transactions within her law firm. Then again with salaries in the American legal profession being less than wages in India, maybe she had to steal to make ends meet? She was arrested and is more than likely unemployed, and I doubt she will get unemployment from the EDD. Here is a bit of advice: NEVER STEAL CREDIT CARDS THAT NEED TO BE SHREDDED FROM A BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY!!

For crying out loud, the attorneys of the law firm probably knew where every penny of the clients money was going since their law firm specializes in bankruptcy! I can only imagine how crazy her boss went when he found out  that his paralegal was stealing money from his clients. Maybe now he will have to double check his own business checking account? His response was probably very similar to the man in the video above..

--The Poor Paralegal


  1. While I do not condone this paralegal stealing, it is quite alarming how salaries in the legal profession have taken a serious nose dive. The big problem is that law schools and schools which offer ABA paralegal programs continue to claim that the legal field offers better than average salaries to graduates. I audited a paralegal class at a local college this Fall and on the first night of class, the professor claimed starting salaries for most paralegals are in the high 30's to low 40's range, which is simply not true. Experienced paralegals (experience ranging from 3-5 years) are now offered salaries in that range in NYC/Metro Area.

  2. Everyday there are thieves and robbers out there and they are not just paralegals. There are those working in the government stealing, working in big companies embezzling, working for poor to regular people but getting high payments etc etc.

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